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Duplicate Order Request Application Remarks

#Send ByReceived ByReceived DateRemarksAdditional Fees
1 Ashutosh Srivastava
Mr. Mohammad Aslam
Feb 17 2021 5:53PM In reference to the remarks date 17.02.2021, the duplicate order request application is rejected. 0.00
2 Suryaksh Khanna
(Property clerk)
Ashutosh Srivastava
Feb 17 2021 5:46PM The applicant is not the original allottee of the property for which duplicate order request application has been submitted. Further the mutation of the said property has not been done in the name of applicant. Therefore, duplicate order request application is forwarded for rejection. 0.00
3 Arjun Singh
(Record Clerk)
Suryaksh Khanna
(Property clerk)
Sep 28 2020 2:25PM The applicant name doesn't not matched please send the application real applicant name 0.00
4 Vipul Shrivastav
(Town Planner)
Arjun Singh
(Record Clerk)
Feb 20 2020 4:30PM Please do needfull. 0.00
5 Mr. Mohammad Aslam
Vipul Shrivastav
(Town Planner)
Feb 19 2020 10:58AM Please do the needfull 0.00

Request Detail

Copy of Allotment Order
Sonakpur, Ram gang a vihar-1
Iam Raghvendra Kumar gupta

Applicant Detail

Raghvendra Kumar gupta
07 May 1987
late Ram bharose all gupta
D-6 Ram gangs vihar-1Mda,moradabad

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