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Duplicate Order Request Application Remarks

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1 Ashutosh Srivastava
Mrs. Rajrani Rathore
Feb 17 2021 4:36PM The applicant is not the original allottee of the property for which duplicate order request application has been submitted. Further the mutation of the said property has not been done in the name of applicant. Therefore, duplicate order request application is rejected. 0.00
2 Radheshyam
(Property clerk)
Ashutosh Srivastava
Feb 17 2021 2:52PM For rejection please because the allotment copy can not be given any third person. 0.00
3 Ashutosh Srivastava
(Property clerk)
Jan 2 2021 3:28PM Please do the needful 0.00
4 Mrs. Rajrani Rathore
Ashutosh Srivastava
Dec 28 2020 5:15PM Please do the needfull 0.00

Request Detail

Copy of Allotment Order
This is to inform you that I lost my Allotment Letter 7C-188 .So pls provide me my Allotment letter certified copy to me .. pls give me urgently..

Applicant Detail

Rajrani Rathore
01 Jan 1948
SP Singh
Central police hospital PTC CIVIL line Moradabad

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