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1 500.00 27 Jul 2019
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Online Application Fee Status

Fee DecriptionFeeDate & Time
Application Fee 2500.00 3/25/2019 5:36:51 PM
Online Payment Received 2500.00 3/26/2019 1:58:11 PM
water sewer and Misc. Charges 2000.00 4/20/2019 5:08:59 PM
Freehold Charges 72.00 4/20/2019 5:08:59 PM
Online Payment Received 2072.00 4/20/2019 5:40:45 PM
Total Fee: 4572 Total Paid Fee: 4572 Total Fee Due: 0

Online Application Remarks

Send ByReceived ByReceived DateRemarks
Mr. Hari Krishna
Dev Narayan Diwedi
Apr 20 2019 5:40PM Please do the needful.
Dev Narayan Diwedi
Mr. Hari Krishna
Apr 20 2019 5:08PM Pls deposit 1. Free hold charges Rs. 72.00 2. Water-sewer Charges Rs. 1,500.00 3. Misc. charge Rs. 500.00 Total Amount Rs. 2,072.00 4. Lease Deed copy, Bhawan Nirmal proof, First Bill of Electricity 5. Rs. 500 ka general stamp paper prabhari adhikari sampatti dwara apne name se
Rajeev Kumar
Dev Narayan Diwedi
Mar 29 2019 4:51PM Pls do the needful
Sanjay Kumar Pandey
(Nazool Adhikari)
Rajeev Kumar
Mar 26 2019 3:09PM Please do the needful.
Mr. Hari Krishna
Sanjay Kumar Pandey
(Nazool Adhikari)
Mar 26 2019 1:58PM Please do the needful.

Online Application Details

Development Authority * Lucknow Development Authority
Application Type* DAScheme
Scheme Name* Kanpur Road
Property Unique ID
Applicant Name* Hari krishna
Address of applicant* 117, JBTC Campus, Sarkari Seva Shivir Office, Nishatganj, Lucknow, 226007
Applicant property no.* SS-1815/H
Category Name* EWS
Block/Sector* Sector-H
Area of House/Plot.* 36.0 Sq M
Total Cost Of Property* 3600.00
House/Plot No.*
Postal Address*
Permanent Address*
Mobile No.* 8318913869
Email ID*
Aadhaar No.* 356474329701
Approx. Cost of Flats/Plot (Rs.)*
Registration Charges (Rs.)*
Form Charges (Rs.)*
Marital Status*
Amount of Lease Rent Deposited (Rs.) 3780.00
Date Of Lease Rent Deposited (DD/MM/YYYY) 26 Jun 1991
Receipt of Free Hold charge.* View
Current use of leased property.* Under Construction
Unauthorized construction details(if any)
Use of land at the time of allotment.* Nonresidential
Use of property as per master plan* Plot
Is Property on Mortgage* No
Bank Account No.*
Bank Name*
Bank Branch*
Account Type*
IFSC Code*
Payment Type*
Lease Rent Deposit Proof.*
NOC for Mortgage*