Conversion of LeaseHold Property into FreeHold Property
Housing & Urban Planning Department, U.P.
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2 100.00 Stamp Deposited by Applicant on 23.05.2019 29 May 2019
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Online Application Fee Status

Fee DecriptionFeeDate & Time
Application Fee 2500.00 4/16/2019 12:24:02 PM
Online Payment Received 2500.00 4/16/2019 12:52:55 PM
other charge 500.00 5/14/2019 4:13:14 PM
Freehold Charges 1072.81 5/14/2019 4:13:14 PM
Online Payment Received 1572.81 5/14/2019 5:12:25 PM
Total Fee: 4072.81 Total Paid Fee: 4072.81 Total Fee Due: 0

Online Application Remarks

Send ByReceived ByReceived DateRemarks
N/A Ashok Kumar Saxena
Feb 27 2020 11:04AM Please do the needful.....
Mohd Arif
Dherendra Mohan Katiyar
(Joint Secretary)
May 29 2019 3:28PM I have checked all documents uploaded by applicant and found them appropriate to qualify the online application.
Mr. Sanjay Raj Swaroop
Mohd Arif
May 14 2019 5:12PM Please do the needful.
Mohd Arif
Mr. Sanjay Raj Swaroop
May 14 2019 4:13PM please find it. Freehold Charges+other charge-1074+500=1574.00
Dherendra Mohan Katiyar
(Joint Secretary)
Mohd Arif
May 10 2019 12:13PM Please do the needful..
Sanjay Kumar Pandey
(Nazool Adhikari)
Dherendra Mohan Katiyar
(Joint Secretary)
Apr 16 2019 12:57PM Please do the need full.
Mr. Sanjay Raj Swaroop
Sanjay Kumar Pandey
(Nazool Adhikari)
Apr 16 2019 12:52PM Please do the needful.

Online Application Details

Development Authority * Lucknow Development Authority
Application Type* DAScheme
Scheme Name* Kanpur Road
Property Unique ID
Address of applicant* J-220, ASHIYANA COLONY, LUCKNOW
Applicant property no.* 220
Category Name* C
Block/Sector* J
Area of House/Plot.* 179.40
Total Cost Of Property* 53640.60
House/Plot No.*
Postal Address*
Permanent Address*
Mobile No.* 9450003107
Email ID*
Aadhaar No.*
Approx. Cost of Flats/Plot (Rs.)*
Registration Charges (Rs.)*
Form Charges (Rs.)*
Marital Status*
Amount of Lease Rent Deposited (Rs.)
Date Of Lease Rent Deposited (DD/MM/YYYY) DD/MM/YYYY
Receipt of Free Hold charge.* View
Current use of leased property.* Residential
Unauthorized construction details(if any)
Use of land at the time of allotment.* Residential
Use of property as per master plan* Residential
Is Property on Mortgage* No
Bank Account No.*
Bank Name*
Bank Branch*
Account Type*
IFSC Code*
Payment Type*
Lease Rent Deposit Proof.*
NOC for Mortgage*