Conversion of LeaseHold Property into FreeHold Property
Housing & Urban Planning Department, U.P.
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Online Application Fee Status

Fee DecriptionFeeDate & Time
Application Fee 2500.00 6/13/2019 12:35:20 PM
Online Payment Received 2500.00 6/13/2019 12:53:18 PM
Total Fee: 2500 Total Paid Fee: 2500 Total Fee Due: 0

Online Application Remarks

Send ByReceived ByReceived DateRemarks
Nand Kishore Verma
Jul 23 2019 3:05PM kirpya, aapko awgat krana hai ki yadi ukt bhukhand ki registry aapke paksh me hai to, sarbpratham dakhil kharij krana hoga, tadoprant hi Freehold kiya jana sambhaw hoga..
Dherendra Mohan Katiyar
(Joint Secretary)
Nand Kishore Verma
Jul 23 2019 2:54PM Please do the needful.
Pankaj Kumar
(Nazool Adhikari)
Dherendra Mohan Katiyar
(Joint Secretary)
Jun 14 2019 11:55AM Please do the needful.
Ritu Suhas
(Joint Secretary)
Pankaj Kumar
(Nazool Adhikari)
Jun 14 2019 11:55AM Not Related to me.
Pankaj Kumar
(Nazool Adhikari)
Ritu Suhas
(Joint Secretary)
Jun 14 2019 10:59AM Please do the needful.
Pankaj Kumar
(Nazool Adhikari)
Jun 13 2019 12:53PM Please do the needful.

Online Application Details

Development Authority * Lucknow Development Authority
Application Type* DAScheme
Scheme Name* Aliganj
Property Unique ID
Applicant Name* ARUN KUMAR ANAND
Address of applicant* B-61 SECTOR - O ALIGANJ, LUCKNOW
Applicant property no.* B-61
Category Name* B TYPE
Block/Sector* SEC- O ALIGANJ
Area of House/Plot.* 288
Total Cost Of Property* 532800.00
House/Plot No.*
Postal Address*
Permanent Address*
Mobile No.* 8400943981
Email ID*
Aadhaar No.*
Approx. Cost of Flats/Plot (Rs.)*
Registration Charges (Rs.)*
Form Charges (Rs.)*
Marital Status*
Amount of Lease Rent Deposited (Rs.) 465.00
Date Of Lease Rent Deposited (DD/MM/YYYY) 04 Jun 1988
Receipt of Free Hold charge.* View
Current use of leased property.* Residential
Unauthorized construction details(if any)
Use of land at the time of allotment.* Residential
Use of property as per master plan* Residential
Is Property on Mortgage* No
Bank Account No.*
Bank Name*
Bank Branch*
Account Type*
IFSC Code*
Payment Type*
Lease Rent Deposit Proof.*
NOC for Mortgage*